Taylormotive Service Ltd. is the first I-Car Gold & Aluminum Class™ certified professional collision repair shop in North Vancouver.

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West Vancouver’s Automotive Collision Repair Shop

Take the dent out of your accident with a visit to the skilled professionals at Taylormotive. We provide automotive collision repair in West Vancouver for everything from small dings to major damage. Our goal is both to ensure your vehicle is road-ready and that its body looks great. Let us help you stay safe and take pride in your ride—contact us to schedule an appointment for your car or truck.

We understand that the aftermath of an accident creates all manner of stressors, from injury to insurance paperwork. Let us make your life easier. Our team simplifies the auto body repair process for you so that you and your vehicle can be on your way again as soon as possible. Learn more about what to expect from our automotive repair services by contacting us today.

Why You Need Auto Body Repair

Many people believe that auto body damage is merely cosmetic, so repairs aren’t a priority. While some damage is superficial, you should know that body repair isn’t just for looks. Everything about your vehicle is designed to protect you in an accident—especially its body. 

For example, if a minor accident left your fender misaligned, it could lead to an airbag release delay if you are in a larger accident later. Remember, milliseconds matter at high speeds. Furthermore, body damage can grow over time to become serious structural issues. For these reasons and more, it’s best to get automotive collision repair as soon as you can.