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North Vancouver’s Local Shop for Strut Replacement

Has your ride gotten rocky lately? When you start noticing bumps in the road more and more, it may mean your struts and shocks are failing. Fortunately, Taylormotive is here to make shock and strut replacements in North Vancouver quick and convenient. Since 1959, we’ve served local drivers with our expert auto repair services. You can count on us whenever your car, truck, or van needs work.

There’s a simple way to determine whether your struts need to be replaced: the bounce test. Push down one corner of your vehicle. When you let go, see how many times it bounces before settling back at its normal height. If it bounces more than twice, you probably need shock or strut replacement. Book an appointment at our shop today to get your vehicle assessed and repaired.

Other Suspension Services Also Available

Stay safe on the road by visiting our mechanics whenever your vehicle’s suspension needs work. In addition to shocks and struts, the suspension system also includes control arms and links, ball joints, tie rods, springs, the steering gear and pinion, and the hydraulic or power steering systems. All these components work together to keep your car’s body linked to the road for safer driving. You can rely on our mechanics to identify the specific issue within your vehicle’s suspension system and perform the most effective fix.