Taylormotive Service Ltd. is the first I-Car Gold & Aluminum Class™ certified professional collision repair shop in North Vancouver.

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Green Commitment

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Painting can be the most environmentally damaging part of the collision repair process; this is why Taylormotive was the first auto body shop in North Vancouver to use waterborne paint. Waterborne paint is the most technologically advanced way to paint a car. This process uses water instead of solvents to apply paint to the car. When combined with the most advanced environmental spray guns, our emissions from painting are reduced by up to 90% over standard paint methods. We also use dual media filters and both floor and exhaust stack filters to further scrub all exhaust air from our booths.


Keeping as much out of the landfills as possible is a commitment. Products we recycle include plastics, metal, aluminum, waste paint, cardboard, and paper products. We are also striving to make our office as paperless as possible. We use advanced computer systems to monitor and manage accounts and files, which results in less printing and paper consumption.


We have three in-shop air cleaner/recyclers. These help us to reuse our in-shop air and cut down on the heating costs of the building. Advanced radiant heaters also help keep our heating costs down while improving energy efficiency.