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The Top Choice for Tire Repair in North Vancouver

Our vehicles are important because they provide us with independence and freedom of mobility. So, they must always be well-maintained, especially the tires. Any issue can lead to days of stress and delay. Fortunately, Taylormotive offers fast tire repair in North Vancouver to restore the optimum performance of your tires.

Your Tire Experts

Taylormotive has technicians that are very knowledgeable about cars and tires, so rest assured that they will provide you with effective solutions. From flat to punctured tires, we fix them all.

Our auto repair shop is the name to trust for all your tire services, which may include:

Tire Repair

For maximum safety, we recommend that you have any issues with your tires checked by our tire care professionals. Additionally, we use only recommended plugs and patches for our tire repair services.

Tire Replacement

Our technicians assess tires carefully, and in some cases, we may recommend that they should be replaced. Here are some conditions where it is safer to replace your tire:

  • Overlapping Repair - In this case, the part of the tire that needs to be repaired overlaps another repair.
  • Large Punctures - These are any hole larger than 3/8 inch in diameter for light trucks or 1/4 inch for passenger cars.
  • Shoulder Puncture - In this situation, there is a hole in the tire's side that has no tread.
  • Weakened Sidewall - This happens when a flat tire has sat or been driven on for too long.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is a type of tire maintenance that balances the weight of a tire and wheel. This ensures that the two work together in tandem seamlessly for optimum vehicle performance and a smooth ride. Additionally, tire balancing differs from wheel alignment, which involves the angle of the wheels and their relation to the ground.

Contact Us Today

Call or email us today for automotive services, including tire repair. We also sell tires, and our experienced technicians can even recommend the most suitable ones for your car after assessing how and where you drive. Taylormotive helps you achieve an extraordinary driving experience.